Services and pricing

Picture framing
There are 1000s of frame mouldings out there and I use 4-5 different suppliers of frames for different projects. I do not keep a large stock on that basis and generally order in to suit each project. Sometimes these can be completed very quickly (for an extra fee!) but generally you are looking at a 2-3 weeks turnaround. I do hold a stock of mount board which is varied.
Examples of work that can be undertaken:

  1. Hand painted frames – a large part of what I do for artists and I colour match to suit. Generally I use Little and Green as a paint choice but have other suppliers. Finished with 2-3 coats of paint and a clear hard matt varnish if required. Also liming and staining available.
  2. Deep box frames ideal for mounting objects or for float mounting 
  3. Standard framing of paper art with single or double mounts cut by hand. Standard glass is supplied but you can specify any other glass on the market, from UV protective, acrylic or museum quality though for this latter end of the scale large premiums do apply and I order cut to size which can delay a little.
  4. Repairs and refurbishment including glass replacement, mount replacement and thunder bug/thrip removal.
  5. Touching up of damaged oil and acrylic paintings, repairing tears and holes (not always possible depending on the extent of damage but I have been known to repaint and repair so the owner did not know where the original damage was!). I don’t do full restoration or guilding but I would be willing to assess the damage and advise where to take it if I could not fix it.

All the materials I use are conservation standard and are generally acid free, including all of the mount board and backing board.

Canvases- new and or restretching
For canvases to order, these are made from quality 12oz canvas or medium linen with 3 layers of primer of artists preference, sanded between coats. I can make any size that is reasonably transportable in my vehicle (so up to 2m x 1.5m) if you want larger then this will incur courier charges or you can collect yourself. I use a unique stretching system which can be cut to any size to fit existing canvases and which allows tightening after completion if necessary. The depth of the pine bars are either 20, 24mm or 40mm depending on the finished overall canvas size dimensions and this is worth taking into account when planning further framing solutions.

I can also make up painting boards of different sizes and materials, primed for oil or acrylic and its best to bulk order these to get a better deal. Prices available on request.

Home Visits, Installation and Collection/delivery
I can also come to you with my display boxes of frame mouldings and mount board selection. I can assess where it is to go in the house taking decor and hanging solutions in to account. Outside of a 10 mile radius from Midhurst, I am willing to travel further and my rate is £25 per hour plus mileage for each assessment.

Collection and delivery is also possible within a 10 mile radius of Midhurst. Work is taken away in protective cases, rolls and padded bags and delivered bubble wrapped.

Installation is paid by the hour again and work can be installed up to a height of 2.5m.